paul-jonasThe Colorado Planned Giving Roundtable is proud to announce the Paul Jonas Emerging Leadership Award for 2018.

This award honors the legacy of Paul Jonas, a long-time CPGR Member who passed away on October 30, 2015.  Paul’s quiet, calm leadership created an unspoken expectation, inspiring others to rise and become their best selves.  Paul was a leader in both formal and informal ways, and his belief in others and in the power of philanthropy continues to influence our community. The award seeks to honor Paul’s memory and inspire others to create a similar impact in their professional lives.

The Paul Jonas Emerging Leadership Award will support an emerging development professional with a strong desire to grow as a charitable gift planner and community leader.  The successful recipient will possess a clear vision for how this CPGR scholarship will enhance his or her professional growth, and also how this award will inspire service to the charitable gift planning community.

2018 Paul Jonas Emerging Leadership Award Application


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