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Welcome to LEAVE A LEGACY® Colorado

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The primary goal of LEAVE A LEGACY® is to help potential donors better understand how an estate gift can profoundly impact a favored non-profit organization. Through such understanding, we hope to increase both the quantity and quality of estate or “planned” gifts.

LEAVE A LEGACY® also represents a relationship between individual donors, non-profit professionals, and for-profit advisors. By encouraging planned gifts through a partnership based upon mutual respect and understanding, we hope to strengthen the non-profit organizations that serve our respective communities.

You can make a difference through LEAVE A LEGACY®.

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What is it about the world that calls philanthropy into being, and causes one to respond with
self-sacrifice? Links coming

Planned gifts represent a wonderful way to financially strengthen a non-profit organization. Links coming

Most planned gifts require the involvement of a paid practitioner or professional advisor. Links coming