2017 Session Descriptions

LOCATION: Hilton Denver Inverness – Englewood, CO
DATES: August 28 & 29, 2017
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Loveland Basin
Our “Small Shop” track for nonprofits with limited staff and resources, and unique challenges. This track will help you build a Planned Giving program and maximize your time and efficiency. The experienced “ski instructors” offer a wealth of knowledge and will slow down the chair lift to get you on your way to Planned Giving success!

Copper Mountain
Skiing puts you into a pretty uncomfortable and awkward position if you aren’t used to it. When you’re a beginner skier (or haven’t skied in a long time), it’s important to get started with the appropriate gear and lessons, and to know the basics of navigating your way up and down a mountain. The same can be said about practicing planned giving! This track provides the help you need to get confidently down the slopes. The “Copper Mountain Track” at this year’s Symposium are the sessions best geared to those needing to learn the basics or hear it again to brush up these skills.

​No more bunny slopes. ​You know the basics and you’re ready ​to put your skills to the test with some intermediate gift challenges. Gain confidence in your technique and build some speed.​ ​The “Keystone Track” is for the gift planner ready to move beyond the easiest path down the mountain.​

​​For the seasoned gift planner looking to get into some difficult terrain. Where each gift presents unique challenges and the skills you need have you ​pulling out all the tricks you’ve learned along the way. Ski into the woods and ​navigate through its trees with the “Breckenridge Track”.

To commemorate Colorado’s outstanding recreational play land, Summer Symposium tracks and speaker sessions are represented by a ski motif. The color coded Track Map will inform attendees of the level of difficulty for each topic. GREEN sessions are likely to be for beginner to intermediate gift officers and advisors; BLUE sessions will appeal to more seasoned gift officers and advisors; and BLACK DIAMOND indicates a more challenging learning environment for those with greater technique and technical skills.

Session Details

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